The company

Delvitech designs, produces and implements automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems for assembled printed circuit boards (PCB).
Innovation and R&D underpin all our company activities. Optical inspection systems are designed utilising agnostic software based on artificial intelligence and on full 3D inspection technologies to offer extraordinary inspection and programming quality standards.
Thanks to its international team, collaboration with the Università della Svizzera Italiana and the vast experience of the founders and managers in the AOI sector, Delvitech proves itself a qualified supplied for the electronics industry market. Headquartered in Mendrisio, Switzerland and with a branch office in San Diego, California, Delvitech markets its products throughout the world. With a growth plan targeted to expanding into the food and pharma sectors, Delvitech’s goal is to provide clients in diverse markets with full solutions that make the difference in quality and performance.


Smart Inspection Technologies

AOI gets even smarter with Delvitech.
Delvitech automatic optical inspection machines are based on innovative technologies and are designed for a variety of industrial applications.
The full 3D systems combined with software functioning based on artificial intelligence guarantee industries with a high level of productivity and quality, shorter processing times and increased efficiency.