D.ONE AOI Automated Optical Inspection Machinery

D.ONE is a new concept of aoi.

D.ONE by Delvitech is a cost-effective post-solder AOI solution that delivers excellent results for improving your product quality boosting your performance. The advanced optical head gives the highest performance in resolution, detection, and inspection speed through the use of 5 digital cameras. The new algorithms, entirely based on artificial intelligence, use the most advanced neural network techniques to give the best outcome in the error qualification process. The false calls have been brought to the far end to deliver cutting-edge detectability results. The upcoming developments will progressively enhance the usage of deep learning techniques to allow the system to be self-programmed and give nearly absolute results.

Main features

  • D.ONE has a relevant storage capacities. Our library system allows to manage an important amount of data. This means avoid all the problems generated from a big quantity of images.
  • Setting up the library. D.ONE machine works using the information from data sheets, which we furnish in a complete version. From this database, the customer can continue to add elements to the library.
  • Report generation. Thanks to D.ONE Report, we can use the data stored to generate report. They are useful both for internal use and to show to the the customers the quality of manifacturing process.
  • Using machine in online and offline mode.
  • Two different methods of inspection: TBA and machine learning.
  • Copy exact function: it is possible to setting up a machine in the same way of another one for all the production flow without duplication.
  • Remote support. The machine generates diagnostics in case of problems.


This update can be applied to any machine currently running FirstPass.