Head + Software for Automated Optical Inspection AOI

Head+ : the upgrade you are expecting.

Head+ represents Delvitech’s first software release that’s ready for global distribution, both on new machines and as an add-on for equipment that’s already operating. The 64-bit software is based on a new technology delivering unprecedented improvements in AOI, deep learning and neural networks. Head+  is also available as un upgrade for Orbotech and Orpro Vision branded products (Vantage, Symbion and Trion machines), that can thus be updated to the most advanced standards in the industry, enabling the plant to new adaptive M2M models and delivered unmatched quality.

Main features

  • Backward program compatibility function
  • New 25 MP top camera
  • Four 4 MP side cameras
  • Total camera resolution 41 MP
  • Extensive use of convolutional neural network algorithms
  • Shorter inspection time
  • Reduced debug time
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • New Gerber Data Interface and import functionality
  • New deep learning based OCR/OCV engine
  • Improved barcode reading robustness through multiple resilient industry standard libraries
  • New Depth map reconstruction functionality based on image disparity techniques
  • Increased defect coverage
  • Better error classification
  • Reduced inspection time by 50% on average
  • New set of algorithms to offer higher defect coverage and improved inspection stability


This update can be applied to any machine currently running FirstPass.