Strategic Partners & Distributors


Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
The research performed by Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence focuses on machine learning, deep neural networks, data mining, imprecise probabilities, operations research, intelligent decision support systems, bio-inspired systems and swarm robotics.
Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics
The Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics studies aspects of electronics technologies and technical computer science as applied to product development, aimed at supporting company innovation through the development of new products and improvement of production processes


EMX Enterprises Limited
Originally founded in 1970 by Arthur Legiehn, EMX began by representing Electronic Hardware Manufacturing products. EMX continued to expand their product offerings to include Electronic Components, Printed Circuit and production supplies with an ongoing commitment to serving the needs of their customers. EMX is an organization employing more than 30 people, with a sales office and warehouse in Toronto and sales representatives across Canada.
Sanson SM Technologies
Sanson Technologies it’s a Pvt Ltd company established on 2010 to cater the increasing needs of the SMT industry. Sanson has a team of experienced and qualified staffs in various levels like planning, installation, training etc. Discover more
Maquilador Servicios MMS
Maquiladora de Servicios MMS is a Manufacturing Representative company with more than 25 years of experience who provides integrated services for international manufactures looking for a better presence in Mexico. Through its infrastructure, Maquilla supports Technical Service, Commercial and Logistics operations when Local Service, Stock Replenishment and Freight Cost are critical to meet with the local customers’ requirements.