Artificial Intelligence based AOI Systems and Software

Delvitech offers Artificial Intelligence based Automatic Optical Inspection System for electronics industry applications to enable the inspection and control of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly processes.

How an AOI machine works

The innovative technologies, the intelligent systems of vertical and side cameras and the versatility of the machines allow efficient inspection and control of any type of process, from THT to SMT soldering, including components of all sizes, guaranteeing precision and reliability. Delvitech offers solutions suitable for both wave and reflow process. The AOI solutions by Delvitech are designed to satisfy the requirements of the most complex lines. Delvitech technology uses Artificial Intelligence based algorithms, which guarantees the errors identification, providing an essential contribution to improve the overall line performance. The technology has also been designed to be utilized in offline mode, allowing the operator to verify the board quality independently of other production lines. Moreover, it allows for the optimization and the verification of the programs used online without the need to interrupt the normal line operation.

How does the AOI Delvitech inspection work?

  • The 4 side cameras and the top camera, together with a complex lighting system, allows to acquire a multitude of images, which are sent to the computer system
  • The images and the data acquired are processed by various FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), which guarantee extremely rapid data processing
  • The acquired elements are inspected both by mathematical algorithms and by algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Once the analysis is complete, it is possible to verify the defects emerged during the inspection. The data are transmitted to an external PC, allowing the operator to verify the quality and the accuracy of the information, permitting in case of error, a fast board requalification.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Using the collected data, the software provides qualitative and quantitative statistical information on the production line. The data extraction and the consequent generation of accurate reports allows you to optimize the testing process for long-term quality assessment. It is possible to view the results in several ways, depending on the user’s preferences.