T.V. Thomas new Head of Asia Operations

To establish its presence on the Asian market, Delvitech has nominated a new head of Asia: T.V. Thomas. He is a brilliant man with several years of experience in the SMT industry.

Mr. T.V.Thomas will aim to spread Delvitech brand in businesses, which use automatic optical inspection systems in the APAC region. In effect, this area is going through a period of development, especially in the manufacturing sector.

“If We consider the number of companies that need to prevent mistakes in the process of assembling electronic boards, We can easily understand the importance of Asian market for Delvitech”, said Mr Roberto Gatti, Delvitech CEO. “We have to offer the best service, responding to different customers needs. This means not just selling but also supporting in training, maintenance and by suggesting software or hardware updates that can improve the optical inspection performance”.

Mr. Thomas, who has an established experience in APAC region, says that:” The Asian Market represents an important opportunity for Delvitech, not only in terms of turnover, but also in terms of networking. To take advantage of the opportunities that market is offering, It is essential to build a long-term relationship of trust with potential customers. It is not enough just to present ourselves as a quality and innovative company, but is necessary to support the customers in every step, guaranteeing the maximum result. If there is someone who can do it, this can only be achieved by Delvitech “said Thomas.

We wish Mr. Thomas all the best in his career path in Delvitech.