AOI Technology

Delvitech offers the market high-performance full 3D AOI systems based on technologies that guarantee the efficiency of processes in the electronics industry for the assembly of printed circuit boards and the quality of finished products.


AOI technology

AOI technology allows companies to perform an accurate control and to prevent errors in the assembly of printed circuit boards.
Delvitech offers full 3D optical inspection machines that:

  • Accurately detect and classify errors and defects in the production process.
  • Guarantee reduced production times.
  • Guarantee absolute analysis results.
technology of aoi machine

Technological innovation and AI

In collaboration with SUPSI (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana), Delvitech is developing a technological platform composed of software optical units based on AI, which will lead to attainments in the field of inspection and control of PCB assembly aimed to:

  • Upgrade currently installed AOI machines, improve their detection performance and test execution speed.
  • Create new machines that are faster and more productive thanks to machine learning and the adaptability of artificial intelligence.
  • Create new and exclusive technology for the control of the entire production process, with all phases integrated into a single database and one programming environment.