Delvitech American Branch – San Diego California USA

Delvitech Inc. Company is the Delvitech’s branch office, located in San Diego California. Having a branch office, allowed us to be closer to our customers overseas, responding promptly to any requirement in a short time. 
We guarantee a support network very wide: USA, Canada, and Mexico. This means we can offer to our customers a closer and more direct operational support to the industries of the PCB sector that are already working with Delvitech machines. 

Our American team, in continuous growth, guarantees not only a steady support to the customers but is available to provide suggestions regarding targeted solutions and software updates on old machines. 

Delvitech Inc. is headed by Emilio Sacerdoti, a renowned manager, with a relevant international experience. 
Enrique Gomez, head of Americas Operations, is responsible for selling and customer assistance. Enrique, with decades of experience in SMT sector, will be pleased to show you the last news about Delvitech and to elaborate a personalized offer. 
The technical interventions and set up are entrusted to Matthew Salch, our application engineer together with our Swiss team. Matthew, based in Chicago, can easily reach the client wherever is located: USA, Canada or Mexico area. 

In addition, we have an exclusive distributor for Mexico Area: Maquilla Service.

Emilio Sacerdoti - President of Delvitech Inc.
Enrique Gomez - Head of America Operations
Matthew Salch – Application Engineer