About Us

October 2018 – Company foundation:
Delvitech is founded by professionals in the PCB industry with the goal of offering innovative solutions in the sector of automatic optical inspection systems.

December 2018 – Activities start up:
With the business and financial support of important investors specialised in industrial technologies such as TiVenture, Delvitech starts up R&D activities in the AOI sector.

January 2019 – New location in Mendrisio:
The new headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland permit Delvitech to establish important relations with the Università Svizzera Italiana.

April 2019 – Office opening in San Diego:
With a branch office in San Diego, Delvitech positions itself as a qualified supplier of automatic optical inspection systems on an international scale.

May 2019 – Performance + release:
Delvitech offers a revolutionary solution for the AOI sector: technology that combines full 3D systems with artificial intelligence software.

August 2019 – Delvitech Inc. Birth:
Emilio Sacerdoti takes the lead of Delvitech’s new American branch. To offer operative support, technical assistance and technical updating also on the international markets.

October 2019 – Release HEAD+:
Delvitech develops the first AOI, deep learning and neural network based software.

November 2019 – Release D.ONE:
Delvitech develops a new optical inspection technology that guarantees top performance and unprecedented output in terms of resolution, detection and speed.

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